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Skype is pretty good

I rarely do software reviews, but thought I’d quickly give a mention to Skype. Skype is not VoIP, but allows you to voice chat with other users. For free. But it’s better than it’s competitors. AIM has “talk” but it doesn’t work behind any firewalls. Quality isn’t great. Yahoo works behind some firewalls, but quality […]

MovableType 3.1

Sweet, perhaps blogging won’t suck for much longer. Looks like MovableType is working on some stuff. Some things l think are pretty interesting: Dynamic PHP publishing, controllable on a per-template basis: You can control whether you publish a dynamic or static page on a per-template basis, letting you balance the publishing and traffic for your […]

RealNetworks files can play on an iPod

This is going to make some shockwaves this week. Apple shot them down not to long ago, now they are working on the iPod regardless. Personally I hope Apple embraces it. I think it would remove a major barrier some potential iPod customers face. If Apple locked in a deal with Real, it could become […]

Comment Spam is driving me nuts

Come on Jay. We need 2.0. We know it’s good. Seriously. I’m sick of deleting all these spams. And I don’t want to give up on it. Problem with TypeKey is that people hate signing up for things. So it limits people from commenting. I hate that. I love when people post comments here. I […]


A grreat FAQ on XHTML is available, and I encourage all fellow web developers to read up. I found a few interesting things: First read this: strong>Why is it allowed to send XHTML 1.0 documents as text/html? XHTML is an XML format; this means that strictly speaking it should be sent with an XML-related media […]

Support Me

I’ve said it before… But someone must have overheard. Support is a big deal.

I’m busy

Been very busy lately. But fruit shall come from my work… Just keep watching.

WinPatrol 8.0 to Add Firefox Support

Well, I reported on Spyware Blaster supporting Mozilla a while back. Now WinPatrol seems to be moving towards Firefox support. Good to see products feeling it’s relevant to support Firefox. No big vulnerabilities regarding Spyware have been found, and third parties are already jumping on board to help prevent it.

Extensions Manager finally comes of age

Well, today was something. I downloaded a nightly Firefox build and decided to see about breaking the Extensions Manager. So I went to and found a few of my favorite extensions: Gmail Notifier, Checky, LiveHTTPHeaders, Web Developer, User Agent Switcher, among others. Installed them all (at once), then quit Firefox. Restarted Firefox. All worked […]

iPod coming Tuesday

That’s right. There’s a new iPod coming most likely on Tuesday. And we know about it thanks to the boneheads at Newsweek screwing up and printing the story a little to early. Anyway there are some new things: A ‘clickwheel’ combines the buttons and the wheel, to make the interface even more compact and streamlined. […]