14k new users

This article is inspirational. With another city on the way!

A big win for Open Source, and Linux.

And guess what browser is mentioned… that’s right. Mozilla got a little part of the action. No doubt a quality internet experience helped influence the decision. 😉


Akamai taken out by bot network

Doesn’t this creep you out? Akamai, an extremely robust network, designed for those who need intensive server-side power, taken out by a bot network.

14,000 servers in 1,100 networks in 65+ countries.

Just makes you wonder how vulnerable the internet really is. Yea, it’s a web, and not based on a central hub. But it obviously still has problems.

On another note, what a wonderful NOCC.


More on Firefox 0.9

I’ve been on the trunk for a while. A few days ago I went back to 0.8, just to see how life has improved since.

All I can say is get downloading if you haven’t already! Yes, it’s that good of a release.

The new download is only 4.7 MB in size. Thanks to 7-Zip. That’s welcome to all who hate large downloads. Oh, and BitTorrent is also available now.

Speed, extension/theme manager, as well as a profile migration tool make it the prime time to start a ‘switch’ campaign. As I said before. Lets make a goal of getting 1 person to switch. If everyone would do it, Mozilla would double it’s marketshare.

There’s also a new theme, as mentioned earlier, and has made shockwaves around the earth several times.

So come on people, get downloading. Spread the word. Get someone to switch. If you do, be sure to make a comment here. Lets see more people discover the internet doesn’t have to suck.

Tech (General)

Gmail Invite

I’ve got a Gmail invite (or two) to give away!

Well, the first person (or two if I do end up with a second to give away) who can solve the following question, will get a Gmail Account.

I’ve asked this question to a few people before, if your one of those (I do know who you are), you can’t enter in this contest… but there shall be more for you guys to be included on.

Edit: Winner is Mike Haw who correctly answered the question (you can get the answer by hovering your mouse over this text)

Good luck. Email your answer to me titled “Gmail Giveaway”. Use the form!


Firefox 0.9 Released

It’s out. Get it now.

Here’s an idea: everyone try and turn on at least 1 person to Firefox today. More if you can. Lets see how great M.O.’s FTP mirrors are! So come on, get someone who hasn’t used Firefox today to take the plunge. Tell them to visit:

@ only 4.6 MB’s, it’s worth a shot right? Come on, spread the word.


The summer slowdown

Between work, sleep, a few free minutes to lounge in front of the TV, and my addiction to food, there’s not to much free coding time. And with vacations, that makes for even less… not that I mind any of the above.

But in a way, I wish there were a few extra hours here and there to get back to my coding. I’ve got a todo list that’s gigantic, and lots of cool tricks I want to put in place.

So if blogging is sporadic, it’s because I’ve got a crazy busy schedule. Same for any patches for any open source product, or anything else I’ve contributed too. It’s still coming, but I’m just swamped with 10000 things i want to do, and about 3 seconds to do them.

With that said, I’m going to bed. Night.


What would you complain about if there was no spam?

Seriously. It’s a good question. What would be the #1 complaint if there was no spam? Popups (despite Firefox blocking them)? Speed? Cost? Bad HTML? Accessibility? Pornography? Pornography that isn’t free? Pornography with Animals?

What would be your #1 complaint?

I’m honestly not sure of mine. Most likely proprietary components entering the internet (ActiveX, MSHTML, etc.) rather than standards.

But what’s yours?


Well, domains are popular again

Domain-name registration surges according to a CNET news article.

How much is legitimate, and how many are just blog/email spammers treating domains as disposable?

Google Internet

Got Gmail

I’ve got Gmail!

Thanks to Jeff Walden for the Invite.

I’ll hold off on initial impressions for now, I think I’ll write them all at once at some point in the future when I feel I’ve toyed with it enough to do so.

My email will stay the same as it has for several years now. I think I might use the Gmail account for all the mailing lists I take part in. Quite a few, and they clog my email. Might be nice to put them all in Gmail.

When I start getting invites, I’ve got a few people to give to, but any extras will be given away here like Asa is doing. So stay tuned. You never know when it happens, or what the requirement may be. Might be first comment, might be a scavenger hunt, might be a bug bounty? I’ve got to figure out how to do it so everyone gets a fair chance. Some people are doing just developers, or people that they remember have been looking. I’m thinking more like a contest. Perhaps trivia?

Anyway, were getting a little ahead now. More later if I get invites to give away.

Internet Security

Spyware disabling itself in Spybot S&D

Well, I found this rather alarming. Apparantly some Spyware is learning to disable itself from Spybot S&D. Unfortunately, I went through the list real quick and unchecked all so it searches for everything… but didn’t make note of which made the list (just got home from work, tired, hungry, and not thinking). Blasted, would have been nice to post here and see if just had a corrupt preference file (I just upgraded to 1.3), or if this really is Insurgent Spyware fighting back.

Anyway, I’ll be keeping an eye on this with all systems I have it installed on. With any luck, if it’s really the next generation in Spyware fighting, it will happen again, otherwise, most likely a false alarm.

So more later if I think this is real. Please don’t set off a public alarm, just take a look yourself and see if you find this. Lets not get our panties in a knot. Thanks.