What would you complain about if there was no spam?

Seriously. It’s a good question. What would be the #1 complaint if there was no spam? Popups (despite Firefox blocking them)? Speed? Cost? Bad HTML? Accessibility? Pornography? Pornography that isn’t free? Pornography with Animals?

What would be your #1 complaint?

I’m honestly not sure of mine. Most likely proprietary components entering the internet (ActiveX, MSHTML, etc.) rather than standards.

But what’s yours?

One thought on “What would you complain about if there was no spam?

  1. In no particular order…

    “free” pr0n p0rtals…

    proprietary web stuff

    bad html usage/code

    “free” pr0n p0rtals

    the 1.2 billion ***** posts about the new Firefox theme

    CSS support boogs

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