What would you complain about if there was no spam?

Seriously. It’s a good question. What would be the #1 complaint if there was no spam? Popups (despite Firefox blocking them)? Speed? Cost? Bad HTML? Accessibility? Pornography? Pornography that isn’t free? Pornography with Animals?

What would be your #1 complaint?

I’m honestly not sure of mine. Most likely proprietary components entering the internet (ActiveX, MSHTML, etc.) rather than standards.

But what’s yours?

1 reply on “What would you complain about if there was no spam?”

In no particular order…

“free” pr0n p0rtals…

proprietary web stuff

bad HTML usage/code

“free” pr0n p0rtals

the 1.2 billion ***** posts about the new Firefox theme

CSS support boogs

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