Digital Camera

Well, I’m finally thinking about getting a digital camera. Not quite sure if I want one, but seriously thinking about it. Could be a fun toy. Saw this one. I’m wondering if anyone has it, and what they think of it? Good/Bad? Better recommendation?

Might be fun to have. I’m going to think about it a bit. Not something I plan on doing right away.

Decent Quality
Decent battery life
Removable Memory (most likely SD) so I can upgrade, and carry an extra card
Cross Platform (Mac/PC support)
Reasonable priced (I’m not a professional, nor will I use it daily. It’s mainly a toy to me).


Oracle 9i and Jaguar

Anyone successfully install Oracle 9i Database Release 2 on Mac OS X 10.2.8 Jaguar?

Tried today at work with no success

I’m looking at:

All goes good until you run that script (createDb). Runs in .0001 sec with no output.

Apparantly the script craps out at:

cat < <__EOF__ >${WORK_DIR}/init${ORACLE_SID}.ora

Source for script

Yes, the variable ORACLE_SID and is set correctly. I even used echo to make sure it is.

Any ideas?


Are you plugged in?

Well apparently Mozilla Foundation, Apple, Macromedia, Opera and Sun Microsystems are plugging in to new plugins.

Great news. A step towards the next generation of plugins. As much as we hate them, they are a way of life on the web. Might as well make them good.


There are some among us

Who sport a new(ish) UserAgent:

Mozilla/5.0 (OS/2; U; Warp 4.5; de-AT; rv:1.7) Gecko/20040618 Netscape/7.2.

I’m apparently not the only one.

I guess we shall be seeing it soon. I’m curious what’s bundled with it, and if there are any Netscape tweaks.


Mac OS X Address Book for Thunderbird

It should be great to read the Mac OS X Address Book from within Mozilla/Thunderbird. This patch is really a big leap for Mac OS X Thunderbird users. Thunderbird so far hasn’t had many of the integration features for the Mac like it has for the PC (mainly MAPI). So this is a big step on bringing it up to that level for the Mac.

What would be great is if we can get Sunbird, Camino and Firefox to start leveraging some of iSync’s power. Perhaps I’m dreaming, but it’s a sweet dream.

But for that we need Apple to release a SDK for iSync. Come on Apple!!! Someone should really start a campaign on this one. Would be nice to have the ability for third parties to write drivers for phones, web browsers, and other software to patch into the system.

On a sidenote, the contest is still running for a Gmail Account. Since most of the jokes so far are rather pathetic… I’m extending it. Come on people. I’m easy. All you have to do it tell a joke to get a chance. You control your odds. No bidding, begging, objectives. Just tell a joke ;-).


Ben answers

This infinite restart bug was driving me crazy the other day. Looks like Ben has found it. And it’s not to widespread. Only nightly users.

Ugh. What a pain that bug was. Made me not use 0.9 at work. But only that system was hit by that bug. My laptop, and Macs are fine.

Funny Google

Make me laugh for a Gmail account

Ok, well I have a few Gmail accounts to give away, but I want to have fun. So here’s your mission:

Make me laugh

Rules (must read before attempting this contest)

  • I decide. Simple as that, 100% up to me. That’s the way it goes.
    If your going to say something that may be deemed offensive, use the comment form. Do not try and make a comment with a dirty joke. Violators may be disqualified, and blocked. Use the comment form if your not sure, and if it’s appropriate, I’ll give you the nod to make a comment. Adult jokes by comment form ONLY. No exceptions. Make a mistake, and you will make me mad.
  • Information required: valid email and name. That’s who I will send it to. Use bogus data and you will not get an invite.
  • Multiple entries allowed, but use discretion. If I feel you are to spammy, your not getting one. So send your best 1 or 2.
  • Oh, feel free to invite others to try. And come back to read. Hopefully a few won’t be ‘comment only’

    As for what tickles my funnybone… well that’s half the game. Those who know me, know very well what the sweet spot is. For the rest of you, good luck. Don’t bother asking, I won’t tell, you can scour the blog if you want. Not sure if that will help though.

    There are 2 (maybe 3) accounts to give away this time. Lets see how good you guys are.

    Use the comments form in compliance with the rules above. Violators WILL be prosecuted.

    This contest will run until at least Sunday night (9:00 PM EST). It may be extended at my will if the contest has a lot of entries (and if they are good).


    I’m back

    I’m back from a week in Florida. Good relaxation, no computers, no code, no internet, no server issues, no geeky stuff, just fun in the sun (and occasional rain).

    But I did do one thing quite geeky… got to ride a Segway. Takes a few minutes to learn to trust it (it’s more powerful at climbing hills than you’d think). But it’s a pretty cool thing to do if you get a chance. Pretty fast, powerful, easy to use, and just amazing fun. So if you ever get a chance, check one out. Lots of fun. Segway’s may be the way of the future.

    Anyway, will take a day or so to catch up, so much (2700+ emails, 700 of which are not spam). Also got a few other little things to take care of.

    More later.

    Tech (General)

    Gmail Reply

    I asked about getting SMIME support. Here’s the reply I got:


    Thank you for your suggestion regarding SMIME support — we are forwarding it to the appropriate team for review. We certainly appreciate hearing from Gmail users and encourage you to continue to let us know how we can improve the Gmail experience.

    You might be interested to hear that we are working on many upcoming features, including the following:

    – Automatic forwarding of your email to another account
    – Plain HTML version of Gmail
    – Import/export Contacts

    The Gmail Team

    Interesting to know. Especially the auto-forwarding. Very cool.


    Nokia paying for Minimo

    This article may be the best press yet for Mozilla. A great review of what Mozilla was/is/misconceptions/roadmap.

    Must read, especially if you read this blog.