Securita Roadmap

Well I checked in some source this evening from my work the other day. There’s lots of problems, and it’s so trivial right now it’s sad. It’s going to need some serious work still. But hey, that’s the fun part right?

What I need now are some people to lend a hand. I’ve defined the RDF file for now, and put together a sample. Obviously that needs to be placed somewhere that later on we can hook up an auto updater that can update just that file.

So anyone who can submit patches on getting to 0.2 are kindly asked to lean a hand. Could be a good step in bringing Mozilla into schools and other places where protecting children from some harmful content is needed.


Sprained Wrist

Blasted left hand wrist is sprained. Tendon at least. Wrapped up tight, and I’m rather ticked. I have a final of mostly open ended questions tomorrow. I’ll be the one crying the entire time πŸ˜₯ . Needless to say, not looking forward to tomorrow.

So not much typing will happen in the next 24-48 hrs as I heal up.



Securita 0.1 in the works

Well I did some work on it today. It’s now in extension form (the old version, prior to Ben Goodger’s changes). Also using a “database” (array) of 18 keywords right now, with a fair amount of success.

Now the big topic will be creating a RDF schema and a method for scanning efficiently, and “fuzzy”. Allow me to expand:

We can’t just ban the page because of the word “ass”, but the word “ass”, and several other words could be potential page worth blocking. So what needs to be done is attach point values to all words (scientifically). Then based if the point value gets higher than 5.0, we block it. This is basically how SpamAssassin operates. So what I need is for someone to do some experimentation, and find out exactly what keywords to use, and what point values to attach to them. A nice thing would be a little C++ app that could be used to generate scores based on data. I’m rather open to suggestions on how to do this. So… give suggestions, code solutions. Submit them to me, be a hero.

The RDF schema also needs to contain a method field. Since regEx is extremely slow, and bloated, we obviously don’t want to do that more than we need to. So we have the option to use window.find(). By using that method, there’s a speed increase (with obvious limitations).

Perhaps in the future, changing the core engine to compiled binary would be better, but for now, we make do with javaScript. So far performance on a 1.8GHz system is actually not much slower at all, I really don’t notice it. But we will need some more keywords. I figure about 50-100, provided we use a scoring system like mentioned above.

So code is coming, hopefully an initial checkin soon, I’m just not ready yet, and busy. I’ve had about 3hrs today of free time to play, and that was my break from the academic books. More to come, but lets get the creative juices flowing.


Why use mozilla?

Well, here’s a quick analysis from #mozillazine this afternoon, the few minutes I had free.

* Robert just read on slashdot that Mozilla can cure and prevent AIDS and cancer
* Robert also saw the other day it feeds hungry children and keeps michael jackson away from children
[Asa] Our new slogan should be, “Using Mozilla and Firefox will make Asa happy — and who doesn’t want to make Asa happy?”
*Robert read on CNET that Janet jackson’s Wardrobe malfunction doesn’t happen with Mozilla, and Stevie Wonder’s eyes work properly in Mozilla
* Robert thinks Janet Jacksons wardrobe malfunction was something funny with JavaScript
[Asa] Robert: actually, mozilla users would expect janet jackson’s wardrobe malfunction to happen to everyone πŸ™‚
*Robert hopes Asa is wrong… lots of ugly people around

It’s nice being productive.


May Madness

Finals are here, and yes we are talking sports… Academic challenges that it. The muscle: the brain.

Ugh. What fun. I think I’d rather eat dirt.

On a sidenote, About Schmidt is a pretty good movie. Quite funny, especially if you like Jack Nicholson. Just beware that there is a nude scene featuring Kathy Bates. Quite revolting. Her baby feeding apparatus covers the rest of her… and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, or just another revolting trait. Great actress, but needs clothing.


Thunderbird 0.6 is out

Title says it all. Download Now. Super good release, and it’s only getting better from here.

Now if only the new branding would make it into the trunk…