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W3C Web Applications/Compound Documents

Daniel Glazman points out a new position paper Hixie (most likely) authored. Most interesting he concludes: I think this paper is going to face a fierce resistance… Personally I give my vote on most resistance to Microsoft. I’m curious what others think reading some of these. It’s really quite interesting. I’ve had a great time […]

Beware of the trunk

Is it just me, or are regressions on the trunk just crazy right now…. 242856 – Slow image rendering. 242275 – hang on https certificate dialog (installer builds only). 243066 – just-loaded page blanks for a second. 242745 – trackpoint scrolling support broke Fallout from 243091 These are the ones driving me absolutely crazy right […]

Movable Type 3.0?

Well MovableType 3.0 has been released. Not to thrilled about the new licensing. Not even sure if I should upgrade, or look at alternatives like WordPress, which looks really interesting. So I’m curious what other bloggers intend to do? Personally I wish SixApart went for a more developer, community friendly model. Release the source under […]

Designer Virus

Creating a designer virus, testing it in a dish and computer models: $200,000. Realizing that virus has the potential to fight HIV. Priceless Amazing story here. Hopefully some day I’ll be able to link back to this post with the title “HIV Cured”, or something to that effect. Absolutely amazing. Lets all keep our fingers […]

Octopus Sex Stories

Oh boy. Leave it to the Associated Press to write an article so great. Reads like a porno for the blind. Some steamy excerpts: Aquarists at the Alaska SeaLife Center introduced the 5-year-old J-1 to Aurora on Tuesday morning. The two really hit it off. Spermatophores were seen hanging from J-1’s siphon…. Now doesn’t that […]

Project Aquarius status update

A little behind schedule, but progress. In my project status spreadsheet: Green Light: 21 Yellow Light: 5 Red Light: 9 Total: 35 Green is done, yellow is in the works, red is stuff I haven’t touched. When this is all green, there’s still a few more things that will be added on, and a few […]

Summer Vacation is here!!!

Summer Break!!!! Oh joy. no more school. Can’t even begin to tell you how sick of school I am.

It’s almost over

The end of the year is approaching, and I can taste it. Yummy.

Environmental Impacts of Technology Waste

Well I wrote this a little while ago for a term paper, and since the term is now over, I thought I would just publish it for everyones enjoyment. Not much else to say, but it’s pretty shocking how bad computers can be for the environment. I’m not sure many realize just how much of […]

Finally, software for a great cause

Pizza via command line. Could it be any better than that? Hopefully Domino’s in my area will support online ordering sometime in the future. On the technical side, it’s written in perl, so it should run on most Operating Systems. I’m curious if someone will hook up a UI to it. Yummy command line. I […]