Securita Roadmap

Well I checked in some source this evening from my work the other day. There’s lots of problems, and it’s so trivial right now it’s sad. It’s going to need some serious work still. But hey, that’s the fun part right?

What I need now are some people to lend a hand. I’ve defined the RDF file for now, and put together a sample. Obviously that needs to be placed somewhere that later on we can hook up an auto updater that can update just that file.

So anyone who can submit patches on getting to 0.2 are kindly asked to lean a hand. Could be a good step in bringing Mozilla into schools and other places where protecting children from some harmful content is needed.



  • Build Extension
  • Test array to scan against web pages
  • Prohibited page when we visit bad content


  • Don’t show anything until we know it’s safe
  • Ability to show page when clicking on button (protected by password later).
  • RDF database
  • Point based hits (calibration comes later, for now all = 1)
  • PICS support


  • Preferences Hookup
  • Accounts
  • Passwords


  • Ability to customize per account (PICS, tolerance, on/off)


  • Definitions Updater


  • UI Polish
  • Performance optimizations (hopefully a ton)
  • Documentation
  • Bug Fixes

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