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Some noteworthy mentions in Staff Meeting Summaries:

– bienvenu might be free to do more feature work

Yea! Hmm… well I know David would be very upset if his todo list isn’t nice and long. Oh so many neat things. Let me make a list of my Thunderbird 1.0 wishes:

  • System Tray [Bug 208923]
  • MAPI support is on the top of my list of wants. That way we can sync Mail to Palm. [Bug 108275]
  • PalmSync for other platforms. [Bug 16767 28040]
  • Lots of Address Book enhancements have been discussed in the mozillazine forums. In particular, I would love to see support for multiple fields, for example, being able to add more/less IM fields, phone fields, etc. Some more flexibility would be great.
  • More Spam Enhancments πŸ™‚

Firefox logos
– debian provides a two-logo system (one for release, one for general public)
– solution of “checked in is modifiable” and privately held imagery protected seems to be workable.

Awesome, great to see that they are solving this conflict.

Firefox 0.9 update
– Ben’s put together a plan of the needed Gecko changes

Awesome πŸ˜€

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