2 computer problems in 1 day

2 out of 4 computers had problems today. Yea! Home computing is fun!!! πŸ™

One was a relatively quick fix. Simple disk scan ended up fixing the permissions error, or whatever was wrong with it. The other (Bender, the file server), wasn’t so easy. Something ravished permissions on the System drive, causing tons of errors. Ended up formatting the System drive and doing a clean install. Easier than trying to fix it all, since that validate permissions option is a load of BS. As I type, I’m recompiling Perl 5.8.3(since Jaguar has 5.6.1). Overall, not to hard, since OS X comes so nicely packaged. Also a good excuse to update everything to more recent versions.

Previous uptime record is 28 days for that box. I think we can do better this time around πŸ™‚

I did get a change to go workout though, so It’s not an ubergeek day.

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