Baby’s first bugday… let the revolution begin

Ok, well it wasn’t the first, and I wasn’t there the entire time, but I was there for some of it.

And let the reformation begin:

[Robert] and I’ve got the same schedule every tuesday!
[Asa] Robert: if I can find someone to run another BugDay, maybe we can do two a week, one on tuesday and maybe one on Friday or Saturday
[Asa] nosebleed: yeah, that was for you.
[Robert] oh well, I guess I’m out, and missing another bugday 😐
[Robert] in all it’s buggy goodness
[nosebleed] Robert: any day can be a bug day πŸ™‚
[Robert] nosebleed: I’m about to create my own mozilla sect and have my own bug day
[Asa] Robert: go for it!!
[Asa] Robert: I approve of the RobertMozilla sect πŸ™‚
[nosebleed] Robert: as long as you are contributing
[Robert] Asa: I shall…. Oh I shall. I’ll first pin up the tenets of my Mozilla Sect to the doors of the Mozilla foundation with tape, and we shall spit off and form our own!
[Robert] πŸ˜€

That’s right. I’m starting a new sect of Mozillian culture. A sect like no other. We shall celebrate “the bug day” on a day of our choosing. Every day will be a bug day.

Children will dance in the streets. Code will grow on trees. The trees will always be green. Even in the fall. No reds or yellows.

Oh. I haven’t decided if our sect will go door to door selling our faith to the masses or not. I’m thinking not, because I know that annoys me when people do it. πŸ˜€

On a serious note, if anyone is interested in having a shortened bug day, for example, say a 3hr period on Friday afternoon, let me know on IRC, or comment, or email.

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