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My school has been blocking port 6667 because of some virus, prohibiting me from getting on IRC for the past few months. Much to my dismay.

My question of the day:
Can you get me (legally) on IRC? Comments/Email Welcome.

I’ve been wanting to spend some more time on #mozilla. But this has been blocking me for some time. And I’m fed up.

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My first thought is to try a jabber client ( because it connects to a jabber server which then connects to an IRC server.
There are one or more Moz implimenations of a jabber client I believe.

using a BNC client from an outside shell works well, I’m not sure if supports additional ports to 6667….

For a http proxy friendly solution, point your browser at
then connect on to I don’t know if this legal or not because I can’t read terms & conditions in russian. πŸ™‚

It’s a shame (but not surprising) that most cgi::irc installations are crippled to connect to only one server.

I have a similar problem but I can’t use 6668 as they seem to have blocked at least 6667-6669.

8080 is open of course, but the one server that allowed that has gone down recently πŸ™ The server I need is

I didn’t really understand the documentation on jabber. If someone could help me out with what I need to install to get on IRC I would be VERY grateful.


damn same **** with me
i was on mirc one day and some ****** next to me narcd on me for doing something that his illiterate-*** didnt understand and its been blocked ever since

haha just try connecting via ssl..schools wont allow unencrypted connections..although thats not always the answer since my school has blocked most of the big irc networks and i cant get any proxies to connect to them

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