I love to see you smile

Well, yea, I do love happy people, but I was really talking about bug 155028

I’d love to see some comments on the proposal. I think they would provide a nice UI enhancement for Thunderbird end users.

Emoticons, as trivial as they sound, are actually very persuasive on getting people to use a product. Microsoft made a point to let people know they added some to their latest Messenger version. Thunderbird can’t go that far, since we send mail to non-Thunderbird users, and most wouldn’t be understandable without graphics. So did Yahoo.

I think it would be a great thing to include in the next release. I would love to get something inclusion worthy.

So comments, and anyone willing to do some artwork, should be CC’d on that bug. If your interested in doing some artwork, leave a comment in the bug when you CC yourself.

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