Transitioning to Mozilla Thunderbird

Last night, I felt it was finally time to move to Mozilla Thunderbird. I decided to take a moment, and document the move, and show exactly where the strengths and weaknesses are.

Note, these are all my own personal opinions and thoughts. Everyone else’s millage I’m sure will vary. These are things that I noted and felt were worthy to note:

UI inconsistent for Address Book’s IM and Write Buttons (Bug 231218)

Account Wizard Focus Issue (Bug 231216)

Wants and desires:

Minimize to System Tray, just like AIM and Winamp can. It’s nice not having the clutter, since I have it open the all day long. (Bug 208923)

Ability to use my own PKCS#11 Module for securing the password manager (Bug 184947)

Lockout with master Password Authentication (Bug 23161)

General Reflections:

UI is a bit more zippy. It’s also a bit more fluent. The menu bars are much more logical. The extensions are much nicer. The theme is yummy. Having it separate from the browser is a definite advantage. It just feels more appropriate than integrated.

I’m glad to be a bit more modern ;-). Firebird has been growing on my since the summer, so now I get to play with it more.


Temporary patch for AIM icons not showing status (and most likely never will). I’ll enhance that to squash a few bugs when I get to it.

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