Quite some time ago, I started the Securita project, to implement a word filter, capable of providing adequate protection to those who wish to employ such technology.

Not much has happened in that project.

I believe, with Firebird approaching 1.0 sooner than people think (it’s not that far off), now is the time to seriously consider getting such an extension of the ground. There is demand for such a product, as I’ve gotten several emails in recent months regarding the status of the project. Just this evening, listening to the Computer Outlook Radio broadcast, (where several Mozilla Foundation Employees talked). 39:00 into the broadcast, there’s a mention of such a product, and the admission we don’t have one. Unfortunately, A good deal of the blame goes to me.

But I want to rectify that.

Unfortunately, I’m still not enough of a programmer to be laying out the source code. So I am making a request for someone to aid me in getting this project going full speed. Those interested, should contact me.

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