Late night changes

Lots of changes to mention, all small but cool:

  1. Cut layout HTML down by about 1k. Same with stylesheet
  2. Fixed a few small rendering issues in IE/Windows
  3. Feeds all organized on homepage in the new “Feeds Box”, which succeeds “Subscription Information”, as I think this is more useful.
  4. New Atom Feed
  5. New RSS 2.0 Feed
  6. Category icon now links to new category pages
  7. Category RSS feeds available as per Feeds Box info on the homepage (NEW URL)
  8. Ever so slight layout tweaks

A couple of new toys coming soon as well. Including a dump of some more quotes to the quotes database that powers those random quotes on the top of every page.

And AFAIK, all pages validate with the W3C validator right now. Notice something different, send me an email.

2 replies on “Late night changes”

ay. i dont know if you consider this a problem, or you did it on purpose. your main page is scrolling about 1000-1500 pixels to the right of the viewable area (and i run 1240×1024). may wonna fix that.

i’m tired.



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