Mozilla Vulnerable

Mozilla is partly vulnerable to the latest web browser security hole, as reported by Mozillazine.

Patch already exists. Should hopefully be in soon. I have a good feeling Mozilla will beat Microsoft to the fix. IIRC Microsoft is taking the month off from patches, while it figures out the whole update system.


Anyone else think some dev’s don’t blog enough

I say this because all to often, Ben Goodger’s checkin’s make me curious 😉

XPInstall UI… Not done just yet but getting closer.

That’s about all we see. No screenshots, no blogging.

Some of the Bugzilla bugs are rather vague as to whats being done. Not to much details. IMHO it would be nice to start seeing some more documentation of the day to day changes, in more understandable terms. The Burning Edge is a great website for day to day stuff, but not to much information on each thing. Just a mention.

Not a “complaint”, or a “criticism”, or intended to start a flame war, or a giant thread over at Mozillazine . It’s purely intended as a suggestion for anyone looking for a good way to unite the community a bit.

I think since the Mozilla Foundation formed, the communication went down a bit. Not sure if that’s because more contributions are coming from remote computers, rather than Netscape. Or perhaps it’s pure overload of work over at Mozilla Foundation Headquarters as Asa notes.

In any regard, I hope after the holidays, when things settle down a bit, we see some more. First David Hyatt got sporadic with posting, then many followed.

I’d say one of the best sources right now is Henrik Germal’s Blog. A real quality job in keeping everyone informed on what’s what.

Mozillazine is of course great as well, but not as nitty gritty on the dev work as Henrik can be. With good reason, they tend to orient more toward the general community, rather than the ubergeeks.


New AIM Beta Kicks Ass

New AIM Beta Kicks some serious butt:
– Video Chat (yes that’s right, AOL finally caught up).
– Multiple SN’s at once. Just like DeadAIM was doing (for pay). Multiple buddy lists.

I’ve got a few issues though:

With multiple profiles online at once, that leaves some serious spam/harassment potential. Think about it. multiple chances to be a jerk, without even switching signing off your main SN.

My second, is that if a buddy is on more than one buddy list, and they sign on, you get multiple buddy popup’s. Now if they are on XP, and come out of hibernation, they not only sign on, but they are away initially. Meaning 2X popups for each buddylist they are on. If they are on 2 buddy lists. That’s 4 popups. You get the idea, it gets ugly. I’ve already covered the entire right side of my monitor more than once.

Get Info button moved above text field (make way for video chat button). Interface looks more cluttered than ever. Oh yea, they put Video support in (only XP), yet no support for working behind firewalls (UPnP). Not great. Very not great. IIRC AOL is very involved with UPnP as well.

Overall, nice new features, but a ton of refinement is needed for this bloatware. Not to mention, some bug cleanup, and some essential upgrades (UPnP).

Hope the Mac version keeps up.

And doesn’t no mention of compatibility with iChat? Anyone know why?


Mozilla 1.6b Arrives

If you haven’t yet, download now. It’s a neat release, seems pretty stable so far, and it’s beta.

Download the updated lizard, and spread the goodness.


Palm OS Address Program

Does Palm OS 5 support “Contacts” or “Address” as the address book program?

From how I see it, all but 3 models, use Address. But I have yet to see this in writing beyond a reasonable doubt (I just made my conclusion based on my findings). Can anyone help David and myself out here with some info?

I personally wish Palm Source would bring Contacts to Palm OS 4/5, and update the CDK to support it. Would make development a bit easier, and great functionality.

Not to mention, seeing a product supported for an extended period of time, makes one more inclinded to consider the brand in the future. Apple supports their computers very well “officially” for years. A great deal. Where most PC manufacturers don’t support PC’s after a year or two. When the XP upgrades came out, most older PC’s (over a year), weren’t officially “supported” by their manufacturer under XP. You were at your own risk if you upgraded. When I see how long my Mac can go with up to date software, it’s reassuring. Years later, still have current software, and completely supported hardware.

Enough of my rant about supporting products. What’s the verdict on Palm OS’s address program? What’s the standard?

In The News

Tis very sad

Teen in Suicide Leap at Time Sq. Hotel, (Other linkage: NY Times, Newsday, NY Daily News) not exactly a pleasant headline to read. Worse, when you hear it’s someone you knew back in the day from school(s), and read their name in print.

I remember reading a while back when someone else did the same thing. That hotel is amazing on the inside. Very unique. Never considered that someone would view the architecture as a method to end their lives, but apparently, this isn’t the first time.

Very sad, and right before the holidays. Nobody should end up like Vincent DePeralta.


Why can’t I save Image Map’s?

Here, and here. Why can’t I save an image map by right clicking and just saving as?

I can view source, and copy the URL of the image, then save as. But that’s beside the point.

On Mozilla 1.5.

Is there a reason for this existing in a release? I can’t understand it.


Tis a busy day

Already cleaned snow (damn snow plow blocked the driveway, as usual), for the third time this weekend. Worked out, going to take a shower and eat. After that, I get to write my 4th speech for public speaking, make a visual, program, study for finals, and of course watch the Simpsons, and Malcolm in the Middle. Oh, and a take home quiz for Statistics I.

Going to be a busy 24 hrs. Then next week is going to stink.

Then an easy 4 weeks 😎


Best laptop HD ever

It’s seems amazing. The Hitachi Travelstar 7K60 is an amazing hard drive. It’s blazing fast, and 7200 RPM (that’s the same as most desktops). Unlike the 4200 drives that ship in most laptops.

It’s given me a giant improvement on my system. I really feel the difference. On boot, my computer used to hang for 20 seconds, while the drive would spin like it was about to fly to the moon. Now it doesn’t do that at all. It’s speeds along. Very, very fast. And runs surprisingly cool. Oh, and it’s quiet. It’s a great drive.

I took my old 40GB IBM Travelstar (IBM’s storage unit joined with Hitachi’s, hence the name for the new drive is also Travelstar), and got an IBM Ultrabay Adapter for it. I keep my floppy drive out now, and put a 2nd HD in there. I haven’t used a floppy drive in ages, so it’s no loss. And if I need it, I can take that drive, or the CD-ROM out. So I don’t really loose any functionality.

I’ll be putting Linux on that other drive soon. A few other things need to get done first. That’s not priority #1.

Great product. Good for the geek you need to get a Christmas present for ;-).


Nvu Progress

If your not checking Daniel Glazman’s blog on a daily basis, you really should be. I wish more developers would blog like he does. Checkout the latest screenshot. I hope that color picker makes it to Mozilla soon. That’s real sweet.

Seriously. Keep an eye on that blog. It’s great stuff. Often screenshots, and daily updates, with lots of detail. And it’s not to technical.