Midas in forms

I’m working on a new Content Management system for MacVillage.net. To enhance it’s capabilities, I am turning to Midas.

A perfect time to give a little edge to Mozilla users 🙂

I’ve been looking into this some info a bit. Sadly, there isn’t a ton of good documentation on it for a webmaster right now.

I have a basic HTML form right now. Can anyone provide some insight on how one could take a regular form (such as this forum here), and implement midas, so that the value sent to the server is the rich goodness of midas?

I’m pretty pretty much looking for a drop replacement for a text field in a HTML form. Note there should be a fallback to an equivalent, or plain text field for any browser that doesn’t support Midas.

Comments or Email is of course open.

I think this will be a nice reason for people to use Mozilla.

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3 Responses to “Midas in forms”

  1. Andyed says:

    I’d look to MozBlog or the patched/not in cvs version of Composite.

    You’ll have to swap the textarea out for an iframe no matter what I believe.

  2. Jay Sheth says:


    you could use HTMLArea 3 which has drop-in support for Mozilla (using Midas) and for IE (using some proprietary IE stuff).

    The URL is the following, I think:

    I have used it successfully in an existing project of mine.

    Hope that helps.

    – Jay

  3. Martijn says:

    Some time ago I’ve mode something like that. Using xbl to extend existing textareas.
    But I haven’t really made it in something ‘finished’, and I suspect it is not working in all Mozilla versions.

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