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I’m wondering if these were kids… or adults.


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I can’t believe either of these posts. If someone were beating up your mother and she fianlly had enough and chopped your father’s **** off would you really hoped they reattached it. All men who abuse women should realize this could happen. John Wayne Bobbit is now a miserable freakshow. He still needs counseling, anger management and a whole lot more.

I do NOT believe in cutting off another man’s ****. That’s just not right. And besides, how do we know John actually did it?

****, all the sympathy I would have had for Lorena goes to John.

If a man cut off a woman’s clitoris, he would be thrown in prison for 25 years. Now if a woman cuts off a man’s *****, his whole *****, she can get of scot-free. As a male I am deeply offended. All a woman has to do is say is he hit me or i had an abortion flashback and then go cut off his ***** and she can get off. What a joke.

All power to Lorena for having the balls to chop off his ****. If I was married to a guy and he cheated on me I would do the same thing. And in all fairness she did warn him about it.

To the OP: What’s with all the biting of stuff off in these past 20 years? Good lord.


To Lorena Bobbit subject:

I find myself skeptical that if a woman were to sexually abuse me and ignored my requests to stop (Oh, the impossibilities of societal norms), that I would then have the excuse to cause her physical harm. Skeptical for good reason… If a woman tries to force herself on you, as a man, you’re supposed to just deal with it. You can’t stab her, you can’t hit her, and honestly I wouldn’t want to stoop so low as to advocate for physical violence in situations like Lorena’s in the first place. But hey, maybe that’s just me.

Lorena Bobbit was in an abusive relationship, something that is, unfortunately, much too common in America. Do women often find themselves stuck and endangered in such relationships? Yes. Does that merit causing physical harm to the other person? It depends on how severe the abuse is. There are many ways to get out of these situations, and though it is very psychologically demanding, it is still entirely plausible. In my own opinion, if Lorena Bobbit had enough will power to muster cutting off a man’s *****, then she also would have had sufficient will power to report him to authorities and place herself under protective services if it were deemed necessary. This kind of **** is brought up all the time in the realm of Psychology. I’ve yet to see stabbing or cutting off a man’s ***** as a good method of resolve.

I’ve also seen the arguments of, “Women are genitally abused daily, but they don’t get media attention.” The equivalent of cutting off a man’s ***** is NOT molestation, rape, or anything of the sort; it would be permanent internal tearing and cutting of the ****** or perhaps cutting of the labia. Men who viciously rape and so on have this sort of stuff coming, but that argument is a total bullshit comparison with little or no grounds. (Note: I’m not trying to downplay the seriousness of sexual abuse)

So, did she have a right to be upset and feel the need to do something about it? Sure did. Do John’s actions merit punishment along the lines of sexual abuse? Yes. Should Lorena Bobbit have been likewise punished for physical abuse? Yes. These two were not strangers. There are other methods of self defense she could have taken, and, for me, this was nothing but a physical/sexual counterattack. Her life was not in immediate danger and she was obviously not so helpless that she had no other choice.

“If I married a man who cheated on me… I would do the same.” Odd. So when a woman cheats on a man (If you want to talk about downplaying, take a look into the love life of genuine, caring men), the man gets to sulk around emotionally depressed and crushed while the woman has a right to cut off the man’s *****? Some people’s methods of logic are simply astounding.

Mary forgot the tiny, infinitesimal fact that John Bobbit was tried and acquited of abusing his wife.

And that in statements to police, Lorena explained that she had cut off the ***** because her husband was “selfish” and “wouldn’t give her an ******”.

And how her claims of “spousal rape” on the same day she mutilated her husband were debunked at John’s trial when forensic evidence showed that the last time John had *** with Loreena was three days *before* the maiming was committed.”

But of course you don’t care about facts. You will take the mysgonist view that the man just HAD to have done something tho MAKE the poor woman attack him. After all…women are always just victims…..of those mean ol men.

I love Lorena ,she is my hero!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband has been mentally abusing me for years,and cheting …comes and goes as he pleases and is rude and arrogant takes me for granted, Keeps cheating says he dosnt know why I wish I could bring myself to cut his **** off …….LMAO …..seriously

Wow… even if a man does something completely wrong to a woman, I don’t think he deserves to get ANYTHING cut off for that matter. If we started cutting guy’s dicks off for every horrible thing they did, reproduction would stop completely. You guys are right, women should be just as accountable as men for abuse of any kind.

I heard that after he got his ***** reattached he became a pornstar… true? I’m not sure.

😛 Yeah for Lorena, she’s a hero! Men who cheat, molest children, hit females and are abusive deserve to have their ***** severed. Then they can no longer continue doing what they are doing wrong! The only mistake she made was throwing it where it could be found, I would have chopped it up in a blender.

It’s about time women started giving men a taste of their own medicine. Men have been abusing women on an extortionate scale all over the world, what they need is a warning sign, Lorena made an example of that imbecile and all the power to her!

Castration is a full-proof cure!

However girls even at a young age take a lot of s*** from guys , one day I was on the train with some high school kids ( catholic school ) and the girls were compaining because it was Friday and I thought why would they be complaining that it is Friday and the girls explained not to me but to the boys ( who were VERY HAPPY ) that it was friday because Friday was FUF ( which mean) Flip up Friday where guys get to flip up the girls skirts at the end of the day , so imagine you are a girl and it is Friday so I see why Lorena did it to John ,

I think what happened to John was really bad , to be fast asleep and cut off his ***** is terrible ,and she did not go to jail . I think she did 30 days in a mental hospital . It would have been fair for the Judge to have said ” listen this is what I am going to do , He could have let John take Lorena to a legitimate doctor’s office and told John we are going to put Lorena under anthesia ( sleep) for 1 hour , you with the assistance of two licensced doctors can do any thing ( with out killing her ) to her .

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