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The eternal disk scans

Decided this would be a good day to scan and defrag my harddrives (you do that monthly right?) PC desktop took about 5 hours (it was bad). Laptop took about 2hrs. Bender, my Mac file server, has the largest and most fragmented drive (thanks to several fun new things I installed, with billions of files). […]

Height matters

According to this Study, tall people make more money than short people. “Each inch in height amounted to about $789 more a year in pay, the study found. So someone who is 7 inches taller – say 6 feet versus 5 feet 5 inches – would be expected to earn $5,525 more annually, he said.” […]

Yankees Win

YANKEES WIN!!! Most likely one of the more interesting games to watch. Exciting waiting for the Babe to come by and rape the Red Sox once again. Always fun seeing that happen. The Red Sox are on the way back to Boston, where it’s 1918 24x7x365. WOOT Oh yea… Red Sox Suck

iTunes for Windows

Among other announcements, Apple released iTunes for Windows. I’ve given it a bit of a test drive too see how it is. Despite Steve Jobs claim that it’s the “whole thing”, IMHO it’s not as good as the Mac version: Visualizer is lame compared to the diversity in the Mac version. iPodService.exe service hanging around […]

Mozilla 1.5 Out / Website

Mozilla 1.5 is out! IMHO a great release. Rock solid. Firebird 0.7 is also out. I’ve got to bring up a few things about what will be the new website soon. Why is this being done in XHTML? Why loose that portion of an audience, that is potentially going to switch? The easiest group […]

Netscape 8.0, an ISP

A report claims that AOL is planning to create Netscape 8.0. But it won’t be a browser. But an ISP. I’ve got some grief about this for several reasons: Confusing to the end user. Netscape was a popular browser. Then Netscape died. “Mozilla is Netscape, just better” became the cry. Now Netscape is an ISP. […]

POP3 Mail Checker

Looking for a good Pop3 Mail checker for Windows, and for Mac OS X. Ideally, it should meet the following: Free (open source preferable, but not required) Unobtrusive unless it finds mail (then it should notify me) Fast, Silent, Low CPU/RAM Bonus if I could have it ask to open up a specified URL, rather […]

Mozilla 1.5 Soon

It’s got to be coming soon. The release notes are already up. Nothing on FTP so far. I’m guessing within the next 48 hours. I think this is the most stable release yet. Real bulletproof. And having spell checker built in is a real neat thing. No more downloading each time I upgrade.

New News System

The new News System for 4.0 (Daemon of the Abiss) is coming along smoothly, but slowly. Indexing, searching WAP interface, and RSS Syndication are still to be tackled. They are the more complex, and tedious tasks. What’s nice is that’s it’s pretty portable and easy to upgrade. Once I get all the necessary stuff […]

Digging through the server

In my efforts to rebuild, today I started sifting through the tons of files on the server. Boy was this a trip to the past few years. Also found a lot of personal stuff that I threw on the site in hidden directories. Including stuff I’m not sure if they were good times, or […]