Microsoft Fires over a Blog

This is pretty upsetting. Microsoft fired an individual over this post on his blog. Microsoft says it’s a security violation. Which is Gates-speak for embarrassing Apple’s at Microsoft.

8 thoughts on “Microsoft Fires over a Blog

  1. Seiously, people. If he took a picture of this and posted it to the internet, how is M$ supposed to guarantee he doesn’t do it again? There is not a company in existence that would not have done the exact same thing. As an employee of a company who just lost several hundred million because of this type of action, I believe anyone who condones this needs to seriously think about how this could affect the future earnings of the company YOU work for.
    Sure, it seems like harmless fun, but how is any company supposed to draw the line? Do they wait until something damaging is posted, and then try to contain it? That’s not an effective solution, since all it takes is a right-click and “Save As” to replicate the picture irregardless of the status of the original post.
    I don’t care for M$, they suck, but this is an issue that needed to be dealt with as it was.
    Where the he!! was his intelligence when he made the decision to post this?

  2. Embarassing Apples… That’s just bs when you think of what MS do for a living. They develop software. Some of it, like Office, even runs on Macs.

    What this guy did was taking pictures of goods received by his temp agency’s customer (MS), and posting it (with the intent of embarassing MS) on his personal website, without getting permission.

    I feel sorry for everyone who lose their job, but he did a mistake, and now he’s learned something.

  3. Personally, I believe they could’ve handled this more diplomatically. First – since they do develop software for Mac’s, is there really anything *wrong* with him posting a pic of the newest Apple machine’s arriving? I would assume, unless MS has something to hide (instead of doing their publishing on PC’s, they use Word for Mac?), I would think it shows that MS does truly have an investment in Macs – which they have been claiming for quite a while!

  4. I think it has less to do with the fact that he took a picture of macs, and more to do with the fact that he took A picture and posted it on the internet.

  5. The war between M$ and Apple. It all started with the “Sacrifice” of M$IE5:mac to Safari. When will the browser wars end?

    IMHO, M$’ gates are rusting with envy to the freshness of Apple. There was also a blog post somewhere in Michael Hanson’s blog (the victim) about Micro$oft embedding G5-based processors on their new XBOXes. Now, on the end users side, I’d like that to happen. Too bad I cant remember that particular URL.

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