Safari 1.1 for Jaguar

This is more of a question than a regular post (as if I never ask questions to the net community at large). But does anyone know if Safari 1.1 will be released for Jaguar (Mac OS X.2)? Hyatt notes the release here and here.

I’m not into upgrading to Panther at this point (don’t want to shell out the cash so soon after my Jaguar update, which wasn’t to long ago, and want a few bug fixes to take place of course). But would still like to play with Safari 1.1, which from how Dave plays it, is pretty neat.

People telling me to hit Hot line and download “Free” Panther need not comment. All those comments will be deleted (as much as I hate deleting comments, I regard those equivalent to “spam” like the Viagra ones).

So if anyone (including David Hyatt if you read this) knows, comment email, IM would be greatly appreciated.

I’m also curious if there is anyone else who is a bit hesitant to upgrade to Panther. I’ve got a Beige G3 (unsupported) and a B&W G3. Just upgraded to Jaguar a few months ago. They run perfectly. Not a complaint. I guess they saying is “don’t fix what isn’t broken”. Anyone else waiting a while? Or has everyone left me in the dust?

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I’m definitely waiting… I can’t afford to break anything while I’ve got important projects going on. (Especially Perl, which is version 5.8.1 in Panther.)

I bought panther friday night and can’t say that safari 1.1 was too high on the reasons why. I haven’t found it to be much of an improvement as some might say though I no longer have the problem I had in 85.5 where my pictures that I would copy would paste upside down in another app. I guess it is more stable but I used safari as my primary browser, dumping omniweb (though not for good) when it went 1.0.

The main reason why I updated was the refinements. it now looks and flows a bit better than it did. from System Prefs to Utilities to Address Book to the new Finder.

Yes I am one who was against the brushed metal look but now I don’t see it, I just work with it.

Panther has been as big a disaster on my iMac as Windows ME was on my ridiculous Gateway. It’s assinine that, in its current conidition, it was released at all. But then again, Panther is running perfectly well on my iBook. No explanations, just gratitude . . . and wariness.

Having to upgrade to Panther to run the current version of the browser just seems to combine the worst of Microsoft’s anti-justice-department browser/OS bundling with the worst of the Linux “oh, you need to upgrade to unstable/switch to my favorite distro” world. 🙂

Plus, I’ve got two Macs (including the only alternative to Windows I have at work) that will need to be replaced because they’ve been left behind.

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