Yankees Win



Most likely one of the more interesting games to watch. Exciting waiting for the Babe to come by and rape the Red Sox once again. Always fun seeing that happen.

The Red Sox are on the way back to Boston, where it’s 1918 24x7x365.


Oh yea… Red Sox Suck

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well let’s see here, it’s wednesday, april 28th and the yanks are 4 and a half games back, after the sox took 6 out of 7, including a sweep AT yankee stadium

and the fat ******* known as babe ruth is rotting in his grave, after pedro pegged him in the ***

You do realize it’s ONLY FREAKIN APRIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t you. You Sox fan’s are so desperate to beat the Yanks that you get excited over a little blip on Steinbrener’s weekly report.

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