Palm Sync

Palm Sync is now working. David Bienvenu was able to working for some time with me on getting it working. Hopefully he can get this thing improved, and patched up for Thunderbird soon.

Here’s my notes:

  • I can add a record in Thunderbird, and it goes to the Palm, but not vice-versa.
  • A bit inconsistent, I need to add a record via Thunderbird to get it to sync initially. It should sync the first time.
  • Bugs 205952 and 206001 These are data loss bugs.
  • No Conduit UI to select Sync type (221413)
  • Sometimes records can appear twice… don’t know why. No bug for it that I can think of, if I can find something more about this, will file. David saw this too, so I guess that’s enough.

Overall, great to see it going.

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