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GCC for class

In my ongoing voyage of picking up some C++, I’m now using GCC on my laptop for class, and MSVC in class. That makes life a bit easier for me… less lab time. That makes life much better.

I’m burnt. Sleep. Much more work today than expected. Not fun. At least tomorrow is the end of my week (I don’t do Fridays). So I can relax @ 4:45 PM. Actually I can’t. Exams to study for. But at least tomorrow I can think about it.

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Hello, I’d just like to point out that if your working on a C++ project on your laptop (g++) and at your school (on MSDev) then you should be careful to compile any changes you make at home at school before turning in an assignment. MSDev (version 6.0 especially) has several problems compiling standard code – and g++ has a couple of nonstandard extensions that MSDev doesn’t support. I’ve seen people work/compile things at home (on g++) and then get 0s for that homework because their teacher couldn’t compile it on the MSDev version at their school.

Just a heads-up.

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