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Spam Filtering in Mozilla

A little discussion with David Bienvenu today regarding spam filtering in Mozilla. Allow me to summarize: I’m a huge fan of the SpamAssassin project. I use it, and love it. It’s not perfect, but does a great job. SpamAssassin, adds a header to all email it searches, known as “X-Spam-Status” It’s “yes” if it’s spam, […]

Open Source Screen Saver (Hack away friends)

I know many readers of this blog are space fans. Look at other blogs on Mozilla and Open Source software and it’s very evident. If you are, your in luck. I’ve just put together somewhat of a mess of scripting that will give you semi-modern video of space as your screen saver. Looks like the […]

Microsoft Fires over a Blog

This is pretty upsetting. Microsoft fired an individual over this post on his blog. Microsoft says it’s a security violation. Which is Gates-speak for embarrassing Apple’s at Microsoft.

Background Batch File

I want to run a batch file via Scheduled Tasks in Windows XP. Does anyone know how to run it in the background (without the window)? I don’t want to see the window. Just have it do it’s magic. Crontab like (no crontab ports though, don’t want to add more software). Anyone with info on […]

Safari 1.1 for Jaguar

This is more of a question than a regular post (as if I never ask questions to the net community at large). But does anyone know if Safari 1.1 will be released for Jaguar (Mac OS X.2)? Hyatt notes the release here and here. I’m not into upgrading to Panther at this point (don’t want […]

Tons of work tomorrow

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get a lot done on to get it ready. Still no launch date. But hopefully I will have one soon. It’s going slow. I’m getting frustrated, but will bring it back.

Spyware a forbidden word

According to this Slashdot article Gator is going after websites who refer to it’s “product” as spyware. From their privacy policy: We don’t know who our users are… TGC does not know the identity of GAIN-Supported Software users. We do not transmit to our servers personally identifiable information like email addresses, last name, street addresses, […]

Camino Bookmarks

Interesting checkin for Camino. According to Pinkerton’s Post, it brings for some awesome features. In particular Rendezvous Integration makes my list. I’m real excited to see my favorite browser of all time making a stride forward. This is awesome “Top 10” bookmarks sounds interesting too (perhaps that could be ported to Firebird?) Now where is […]

Consensual Downloads

I’m a little concerned by some linkage brought by Mozillazine. Two possible uses here, one inferred is not so good. I’m a bit concerned about this idea being spread around the community. We do NOT want to download Open Source products behind the users back. Doing so would not be a good idea. It will […]

Windows XP = Pain in my Butt

Ok, virtual monopoly money for whomever can solve this problem. It’s driving me absolutely nuts: Background I’m running Windows XP SP1, all patches applied. IBM Thinkpad A31. Situation My user name is the administrator (only one). I’m logged in as administrator. When installing any driver update, it prompts, as usual for the location of the […]