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Boy Grows Gland on Arm

Warning. Linkage not appropriate for all ages. Consider it 18+

According to this article. This boy grew genitalia on his arm.

Holy Shit!

That’s about all I could say.

Imagine having to shake someones hand.

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Blog 1.1b2 More changes to the Blog

Since the redesign, I’ve added Smilies ;-). Now this:

If you use Mozilla (as if you didn’t). Go to the “View” Menu. Select “Show/Hide”, and “Site Navigation Bar”. Select “Show Only As Needed”.

What does this do? You get a nice little bar with options as you browse through sites like mine that take advantage of such technology. Quick Links to speed navigation. How great is that.

More reason to code to standards.

Tech (General)

Food that delivers

Jesse Ruderman has an interesting solution for getting food in a dorm.

Sounds like a pretty cool company. Wonder if they will become more popular?

Correction: Not a dot com, but a major supermarket chain. Thanks Jesse Ruderman


Hit that magical point

When programming, you go for a while coding… and see little to no end results. It sucks, hurts, and makes you feel ike it will never end.

Then you get to that point where you see something. A glimmer of hope.

Then you get to the point, where every line you type, well almost every line… makes a giant difference. Big changes take less time. It all starts falling together.

Boy is that a cool feeling πŸ™‚


Week 1 Over

Week one back in School is over.

How many more to go?

Me tired. To bed.


VT To Build G5 Super Computer

It’s official, since it hit slashdot earlier today. VT is building a supercomputer out of G5’s.

Wow, that must be pretty sweet.

Wonder why they aren’t waiting for G5 Xserve’s. Would save some space. Then again, maybe that’s what these are? Sneek peeks? Advanced boxes? Perhaps we shall see some officially in January? Perhaps Apple is holding off on them, so that they get some attention in January, and to focus ad $’s for the G5 Desktop.

Either way… NICE πŸ˜€


Thunderbird 0.2 Out

Thunderbird 0.2 is now out. According to Asa.

Looking good, seriously considering the switch at this point. I think I will let them work on it a bit more. My big thing is notification. I want good notification of new mail before I switch.

Good work by Scott.


Lack of Posting

Lack of Posting thanks to busy schedule, and lack of network access (switch was powered off in dorm). Thankfully, I’m connected, and checking email, and catching up.

More later… maybe.

BTW: evening without net access sucks. No email, no TV Guide.

In The News

Segway Climbs Mt.Washington

This article makes me wonder if people have to much time and money.