Why I can’t be an accountant

I can’t be an accountant because:

  1. Accounting is boring.
  2. Accounting involves math, I have an allergy to math.
  3. Accounting involves pencils, I like pens.
  4. Accountants are CPA’s. Not exactly a catchy title.
  5. Accounting is examining other people’s money… not my own.
  6. Accounting as “counting” in the name. Not exactly something to impress people with.
  7. Accounting office parties just sound lame… they must be 10X worse than they sound.
  8. Top of the line Accounting software is “Peach Tree”. Not “Peach”, not “tree”, “Peach Tree”. A little fruity. At least “Apple” sounds cool. “Peach” just doesn’t.
  9. Celebrating the Fiscal New Year sounds like the most depressing new year yet.
  10. I don’t want to be somebody’s “Bob from Accounting”. Eek.

“Call Bob from accounting. See if he has those TPS reports ready” [Sound of gunshot as Bob kills himself]

Needless to say, Accounting I is a pain in the butt.


The big debate

Time to make a little statement regarding Firebird vs. Seamonkey, and End User vs. Developer.

End User vs. Developer

I’ll start with this first.

Moving from a Developer/Development focus to an End user focus is a much better choice. The only mistake made in the past was not doing this since the early Milestones. Now the question you ask is why?

Every product needs an audience. If it doesn’t have an audience. It’s worthless. Mozilla is a solid application. The result of endless hours of coding on behalf of many excellent programmers. Someone should take advantage of this work they did. End Users are the ones who can benefit. End Users can use this beast that was created.

But what about the Developers you may ask? Who says they have to be ignored? Are they working on a moving target? Right now yes. But will it eventually become more stable? Of course. I have no doubt things will become more stable, and innovation will still continue.

The end user should be the focus. The end user should have always been the true focus. That doesn’t mean you can’t pay attention to the developers. And even help them out (documentation!). But the End user should be the ultimate goal. Help the developers help the end users. Help Mozilla help the end user. The end user should be in every sentence. If it isn’t… then what’s the point?

That’s not to say innovation, and “for the love of standards” is out the window. In fact it’s more relevant than ever. But it’s done with the hopes that the end result will be good enough “for the end user”. That amazing new feature that will revolutionize computing… for the end user.

Developers are important. They are what makes the Mozilla community what it is. But without a target audience (end user). What is this community serving? What is it bring to the Internet at large? A ton of code. What’s a ton of code that’s revolutionary, and able to benefit millions. A ton of good stuff.

End users should be Mozilla Foundations target. The Developers should be targeting End Users as well.

Mozilla Foundation should be helping Developers make this their target through better documentation

Firebird vs. Seamonkey

Firebird vs. Seamonkey is also quite a debate. Personally I’m all for Firebird. But here is my personal vision (not this is personal):

When I refer to “component(s)” I am referring to each product (Firebird, Thunderbird, Sunbird, etc.)


Downloads should be available as separate installers for each app, or one “super installer” (capable of installing all with a “download n’ install” method).


GRE should include auto-update functionality. As Mozilla evolves quickly, end users should have it as easy as possible. Ideally it should check each component and see if it’s been updated. Even extensions.


Just because the conjoined twins are separated doesn’t mean they can’t still be siblings. For example if Firebird sees Sunbird installed, it should be able to integrate itself so that you can have outlook like functionality (calendar and mail integration). If not found, it should look as if there is nothing missing.

The app suite has the advantage of integration. But just because the apps are separate doesn’t mean they can’t work together. They just need the ability to work on their own. Because not everyone is at liberty to change email clients (those whose companies use Outlook Exchange). But they still want to be saved from the hells of Internet Explorer.

I’m for integration with separation. Firebird is great. But it would be nice to see all the new Apps be aware of each other, and work together. To make me. the end user. happy.

So I’m for moving forward. There are two types of programs. Ones under development and dead ones. Mozilla is under development. Changing and evolving. Every Lizard needs to go through puberty before it can become a mature adult. Puberty is an awkward stage. But it will pass.

In The News Politics

He’s not even dead yet

He’s not even dead yet, and were going through his mail.

Kind of sad how people take advantage. The man’s still living (though not in a great state of mind sadly), and we are discussing his paper trail and intimate letters.

Some people push it to far.


1100 Dual 2GHz G5’s

Yummy. Tech Porn. Boy would I like to tap some of that computing power. VT might be the coolest school now that they got a cluster going.

A great quote:

Project started back in February; secret with Dell because of the pricing issues; dealt with vendors individually because bidding wars do not drive the prices down in this case.

I would like to have 1 of those. Just 1. Besides, 1199 is a cooler looking number anyway. What do you say VT? πŸ˜‰

Edit: Math mistake above πŸ˜€ Should be 1099. Damn.

Tech (General)


I was fscking my Mac all night long…

I always use protection when I fsck my Mac. Do you?

If you don’t get the nerdy joke in the above statements… please leave this website now.



Owning the Internet

It’s becoming more and more common these days…

ISO Codes

Tim Berners-Lee wrote a nice little letter regarding a proposal for Licensing the use of ISO codes. I have to personally agree with Berners-Lee on this one. It’s getting a little rediculus what people claim ownership of.

Can It trademark the word “internet”? Please?


According to slashdot ICANN posted an advisory.

IMHO, since Network Solutions (Verisign) is a company contracted to provide such services… they should act appropriately. I personally believe it’s time for the Department of Commerce to step in and take control of the situation. They allowed NetSol to get into this seat of power.

You need to look no further than at the Terms Of Service to see how they abuse their position:

My favorite is this:

Sole Remedy.


So they are now telling us… if we don’t like their service… we should ditch the internet. Or resort to using IP addresses. How about request the Department of Commerce and ICANN to unplug them next time around? Put them out of business. Completely revoke their contract next time around leaving them to be nothing but a reseller.

The Verisign Service(s) are provided to you free of charge.

At least they aren’t charging us for the right to allow them to make money off of our typo’s. Thank you for not requiring us to pay for it! Thank you Verisign for not charging us!

Seriously. Some companies are just plain sick. I really hope Verisign loses big on this. VeriSlime has been a big problem for years. Now they just pushed it to a whole new level.

Around The Web

Stacy’s Mom – Video of the Year

Seriously, bands need to start making entertaining video’s again. Lets face it, the mostly suck. Here’s one that kicks some serious butt:

Stacy’s Mom (Fountains of Wayne) (RealOne Player Required)

Now that’s some quality entertainment. Besides for the obvious reasons of enjoyment (lets face it, Stacy’s mom, aka Rachael Hunter is very good looking) it’s also a decent song… and a hysterical video. Just what the doctor ordered. Entertainment. Isn’t that the industry the Music business falls under?

Funny video throughout, very well done… great ending as well πŸ™‚

That’s a quality video. Lets see more of those.


Power went out

Hurricane Isabel took out the power, but little else. Went out around 9:30, didn’t come back until 10:30 AM Friday (moments after my last post here).

Just got power back.


Composer to continue full steam

Daniel Glazman apparently is starting a new company!

MozillaZine has it covered.

Composer was never powerful enough to meet my needs as a web developer. But perhaps they can take it to that level. Imagine a Composer product competing with Adobe GoLive and Macromedia Dreamweaver.

All built on a Gecko Foundation….

And Daniel is all into standards. Even mentions joining W3C. I imagine that means we will be seeing the most standards compliant WYSIWYG web design application ever.

IMHO I would do a few things to composer:

  1. Autocomplete tags like PHPEdit does. In fact, that’s my preferred editor. I use it constantly for HTML. The best auto-complete implementation I’ve ever used. Just enough to speed me up, yet not get in my face. I would love to see Composer adopt that for source editing.
  2. Support for HTML, XHTML, XML, WML, XUL, JS, CSS, PERL, PHP, PYTHON, syntax highlighting, and code-complete where applicable (closing tags, etc.).
  3. Valid code. Keep getting closer to 100% valid code all the time. It’s good, and should keep improving.
  4. A full IDE feeling. Take PHPEdit, MSVC, or any IDE. Get that type of functionality and feel in those menu’s. Perhaps a pro/lite mode. Lite as it is now, Pro takes on a more professional, and more thorough (complex) interface.

Perhaps more later. These are my main idea. I would love to see a real open source based editor that’s thorough enough for me to be using on a daily basis. To me, Composer is a toy with potential. Not quite professional quality.

I think Daniel’s venture may be the ones to give it the emphasis it needs to become that killer app. The new resizing images, among other features added in recent history have been a good step. He’s got the experience. Now he can devote himself to composer as an Application, not a component. Yea!


It’s just another storm

So far, it’s just another storm here in NJ. Some rain, a little breeze. But nothing like they were predicting for this time, last week.

Oh well. Could be worse.