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Why I can’t be an accountant

I can’t be an accountant because: Accounting is boring. Accounting involves math, I have an allergy to math. Accounting involves pencils, I like pens. Accountants are CPA’s. Not exactly a catchy title. Accounting is examining other people’s money… not my own. Accounting as “counting” in the name. Not exactly something to impress people with. Accounting […]

The big debate

Time to make a little statement regarding Firebird vs. Seamonkey, and End User vs. Developer. End User vs. Developer I’ll start with this first. Moving from a Developer/Development focus to an End user focus is a much better choice. The only mistake made in the past was not doing this since the early Milestones. Now […]

He’s not even dead yet

He’s not even dead yet, and were going through his mail. Kind of sad how people take advantage. The man’s still living (though not in a great state of mind sadly), and we are discussing his paper trail and intimate letters. Some people push it to far.

1100 Dual 2GHz G5’s

Yummy. Tech Porn. Boy would I like to tap some of that computing power. VT might be the coolest school now that they got a cluster going. A great quote: Project started back in February; secret with Dell because of the pricing issues; dealt with vendors individually because bidding wars do not drive the prices […]


I was fscking my Mac all night long… I always use protection when I fsck my Mac. Do you? If you don’t get the nerdy joke in the above statements… please leave this website now. 😀

Owning the Internet

It’s becoming more and more common these days… ISO Codes Tim Berners-Lee wrote a nice little letter regarding a proposal for Licensing the use of ISO codes. I have to personally agree with Berners-Lee on this one. It’s getting a little rediculus what people claim ownership of. Can It trademark the word “internet”? Please? Verisign […]

Stacy’s Mom – Video of the Year

Seriously, bands need to start making entertaining video’s again. Lets face it, the mostly suck. Here’s one that kicks some serious butt: Stacy’s Mom (Fountains of Wayne) (RealOne Player Required) Now that’s some quality entertainment. Besides for the obvious reasons of enjoyment (lets face it, Stacy’s mom, aka Rachael Hunter is very good looking) it’s […]

Power went out

Hurricane Isabel took out the power, but little else. Went out around 9:30, didn’t come back until 10:30 AM Friday (moments after my last post here). Just got power back.

Composer to continue full steam

Daniel Glazman apparently is starting a new company! MozillaZine has it covered. Composer was never powerful enough to meet my needs as a web developer. But perhaps they can take it to that level. Imagine a Composer product competing with Adobe GoLive and Macromedia Dreamweaver. All built on a Gecko Foundation…. And Daniel is all […]

It’s just another storm

So far, it’s just another storm here in NJ. Some rain, a little breeze. But nothing like they were predicting for this time, last week. Oh well. Could be worse.