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Stacy’s Mom – Video of the Year

Seriously, bands need to start making entertaining video’s again. Lets face it, the mostly suck. Here’s one that kicks some serious butt:

Stacy’s Mom (Fountains of Wayne) (RealOne Player Required)

Now that’s some quality entertainment. Besides for the obvious reasons of enjoyment (lets face it, Stacy’s mom, aka Rachael Hunter is very good looking) it’s also a decent song… and a hysterical video. Just what the doctor ordered. Entertainment. Isn’t that the industry the Music business falls under?

Funny video throughout, very well done… great ending as well ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s a quality video. Lets see more of those.

896 replies on “Stacy’s Mom – Video of the Year”

Stacy is my GF & u wish if tell u where she lives!! I’ve been with her for about 3 months now…so to all u guyz out there who wants her…2 bad, she’s mine!

Tell me who you are asdfsdf.
Get me on AIM, *********.
I probally go to your school.

[Edited by Admin 01-28-2004]

y wuld i tell u hoo i am? i kno shane, and yea….why does it matter hoo i am? shanes just on tv, doesnt mean hes any different then people hoo rnt on tv

Oh my gosh! Come down!!! They are just human beings with a lot of make-up! If Christina Aguilera brings out her new video everybody loves her and on and on …

I wanna c the Music Video sooooooo bad. My friend says she’s not hot but i don’t wanna get a boner or anything. lol

Here is a sum up of the questions. Stacy’s mom is Rachel Hunter. Stacy is either Renee Hunter or Gianna Distenca. The boy in the video is Shane Haboucha. He is MASTURBATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the bathroom. This scene is taken from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, from the 1980’s. There, now you know practically everything about the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey! i love the video! shane your rele lucky! and hott! well n e ways jw if it was imbarressing to do the part when you were in the bathroom?bye!!

who is stacy in stacy’s mom video??? come on, Im from Mexico, and Id like to know cause that girl is really hot, even hotter than her Rachel Hunter.

Quien sera, esta buenisima!!

Hei. dfsa i thinx i no who u rlol wink wink and im also in shane’s pe class. He like not only doesn’t talk alot, but he NEVER like talks. He is never F***** around!!!!!!! omfg… ok im fine…but he is rly rly RLY sweet and all of the 8th graders like r jerks ot him but they r loosers. like who throws a shoe at some1 especially as nice and funny as shane. And why the hell r we looking shane up when we see him every dai!!!!! in hebrew we see him, in judaica, math, pe…wat ever. I love his highlights and new cut!!!!!! thank god he got rid of the rat tial

O ya, i go to TVT 2 lol and i think that the kid who said that he looks like Jason Biggs needs to die. Shane is actually HOT!!!! o ya and I think that coatch roberts wishes that he was shane! lol and ppl is rly stupid for not going out with him lol

I swear on muah life i go to Tarbut!

yeah TVT = Tarbut VTorah… jewish school in Irvine… I almost went there and my bro and sis did for a while… I actually know a few of the teachers (friends/relatives) heh moved to HB though… hb is awesome ๐Ÿ˜›

thanks! thats were my best friend moved! but she not jewish so i dont think so going there!!! well thanks again!! bye

i cant take it i have ti know who stacy is, i think she the hottest girl ever, i have to know what her name is so any1 who knows what her name is tell me please im begging u

someone above said that shane checks this site whenver he has time…so y hasn’t he posted anything?

shane is nice, and yes he does go to my skewl, and yes it is true that he doesnt have time. shane is buisy with other things

shane does go to my skewl, and yes he is nice, but its not true, he does talk a lot. shane is buisy, so he cant come to skewl a lot..i no all about shane

Any chance of a sequel fountain’s of Wayne? Maybe just for us over 18’s. Then again Stacy may need to wait a few more years!

dus any 1 have any pics of him cs he’s kinda alright (lol)send them to my e-mail if u have any plz

how old are people in 7th grade and is shane in 8th grade or 7th grade, im from england and by the way shane if u have time please write coz everyone wants to know about you so you could just tell everyone and then we would all know. but i have to say u are really cute

Everyone is asking the same questions its so stupid! someone just tell us!!!!!! lol
are u guys american?

yeah i agree with smoonp….if anyone knows if its him or not, please tell, cuz it seems kinda suspicious that he’d only post on that site and not this one….

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