Composer to continue full steam

Daniel Glazman apparently is starting a new company!

MozillaZine has it covered.

Composer was never powerful enough to meet my needs as a web developer. But perhaps they can take it to that level. Imagine a Composer product competing with Adobe GoLive and Macromedia Dreamweaver.

All built on a Gecko Foundation….

And Daniel is all into standards. Even mentions joining W3C. I imagine that means we will be seeing the most standards compliant WYSIWYG web design application ever.

IMHO I would do a few things to composer:

  1. Autocomplete tags like PHPEdit does. In fact, that’s my preferred editor. I use it constantly for HTML. The best auto-complete implementation I’ve ever used. Just enough to speed me up, yet not get in my face. I would love to see Composer adopt that for source editing.
  2. Support for HTML, XHTML, XML, WML, XUL, JS, CSS, PERL, PHP, PYTHON, syntax highlighting, and code-complete where applicable (closing tags, etc.).
  3. Valid code. Keep getting closer to 100% valid code all the time. It’s good, and should keep improving.
  4. A full IDE feeling. Take PHPEdit, MSVC, or any IDE. Get that type of functionality and feel in those menu’s. Perhaps a pro/lite mode. Lite as it is now, Pro takes on a more professional, and more thorough (complex) interface.

Perhaps more later. These are my main idea. I would love to see a real open source based editor that’s thorough enough for me to be using on a daily basis. To me, Composer is a toy with potential. Not quite professional quality.

I think Daniel’s venture may be the ones to give it the emphasis it needs to become that killer app. The new resizing images, among other features added in recent history have been a good step. He’s got the experience. Now he can devote himself to composer as an Application, not a component. Yea!

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I think itís not so badÖ composer has its advantages and its potential. I really miss code completion after using other applications, and I would add JS crypting as well. Thatís what I would need. But I have no complains about its work in general.

I don’t think Composer will ever become that killer app to do for. There are a lot of BIG names to die for. Composer is just a little thing, a kid, which has to go a long way.

Mark, web designer

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