AOL Bloopers

This is just to great:

From page:

Q: Can I delete one of my old AIM screen names?
A: No, you cannot delete old AIM screen names at this time. However, you can prevent other users from finding one of your screen names by performing the following steps:

Windows: Select the My AIM menu, click My Options, and then click Edit Preferences. After the window appears, click the Controls tab, and click Nothing about me.

Macintosh: Select the Edit menu, and click Preferences. After the window appears, click the Controls tab, and click Nothing about me.

You can also and remove any information from your profile that would lead other users to find your screen name. You can access your profile from My AIM menu on Windows or the People menu on Mac OS. (NOTE: AVOID “WIZARD.” IT’S BASICALLY WINDOWS-ONLY AND IT’S VERY HARD TO TRANSLATE WITHOUT GETTING BURNED AT THE STAKE ALSO AVOID MAC. SAY MACINTOSH OR MAC OS.)

(Emphasis mine.)

Apparently they do think of Mac users. Which is nice.

Unfortunately, nobody edits for the editors.


A+ for quality.

Not sure if this has been noticed before, if it has, I’m sorry. But it’s new for me.


Firebird 0.7 is amazing, Palm Sync Again

First of all Firebird 0.7 is amazing. If you haven’t downloaded it already. Download NOW!. A great product. Much more polish since last release. Fine tuned, clean. More stable. Me likes. Thunderbird 0.3 is getting close as well.

Palm Sync is still in the works. Can’t get it working. Although there seems to be some drive behind getting it working. So perhaps next weekend, if I can get a few minutes of downtime, I shall try some more to get it working. It’s the missing feature before I switch to Thunderbird/Firebird as my Mail/Web product of choice.

In The News Rants

Are you stupid? I ask the television.

If your not in the mood for a rant on society… Skip this post.

This wasn’t the article I was looking for (looking for one I saw on TV the other day), but it will suffice for this rant. Why are people so stupid? I don’t know who is dumber. This article is about several groups of stupid people butting heads. All very thick skulls. It’s like throwing two rocks in the air, and having them impact in midair. It’s a waste of time that accomplishes nothing. Of course that’s exactly what this post will do. But it gets some frustration off my chest.

  1. Why must people drink in giant parties? If your going to do something stupid.. At least keep it small scale. You just have to wonder how bright someone is when they get caught. It takes a real lack of intelligence to get caught. Homes aren’t monitored. If they create enough of a disturbance to summon police… You must have done something really dumb. If your still there when the cops get there, not intelligent enough to leave. You deserve it. If you caused it, you deserved it.
  2. Why care so much? It’s going to happen anyway.
  3. Are parents retarded? Seriously. Are they? Read the article. The math formula reads something like:
    $parent = $stupid +1;

Just can’t help but question everyone. I can’t tell who is stupider.

That brings me back to the ultimate question: Why put tags on blow dryers that say to keep it away from water? The people who have been saved by these tags go on to be the people I discuss up above.

If your going to drink. Do it responsibly. Or just don’t do it. It’s pretty freaking dumb if the police are aware of something going on. Nobody goes around sniffing drinks in private homes.


Accettura Media

Server Move

Server’s been moved to a new Data Center. Now with Sprint connectivity. Should notice it’s now a bit more zippy. Sprint is much faster than Verio.

Pings are looking great. Hurray for more speed.


Mozilla 1.5RC2 out

Mozilla 1.5RC2 is out. Download NOW!

Fixes that bug that’s really been bothering me. Hopefully I won’t see it again, and can verify that fix. I’m going to give it until Monday afternoon. If I don’t see anything, that means it’s most likely resolved, as I typically get it once a day.

Mozilla’s getting better and better. Firebird is improving too. 0.7 is coming soon I heard. Would be nice to see Firebird replace the app suite soon. Just hope that Thunderbird is ready for me. Especially Palm Sync.

In The News Politics

Do not call list

They better get the Do Not Call List working soon. Apparently there have been some legal issues.

I can’t stand telemarketers. They drive me nuts. Don’t want to buy anything from some con-artist over the phone. The fact that a company uses telemarketing makes it an invalid company in my mind.

There’s no need to call, because I will not pay, buy, or vote for anything telemarketed. It just crosses you off my list.


Funny Web Development

Frontpage 2003 Ad Typo

Frontpage 2003 Ad Typo

Pro Tip: When creating an ad about professional code editing, make sure the most basic of code is correct.


Samba 3.0 is out

Samba 3.0 has been released.

Wonder if it will compile on OS X 10.2.6? Will Apple be including it in 10.3? Perhaps 10.3 Server?

I love Samba, makes my fileserver (bender) run perfectly. I can’t complain about the quality of this product. And the price is a bit high for free open source, but I can manage ;-).

Good day for Samba.

In The News


Tornado struck not far from my home today. Took off part of Walmart’s roof. Messed up a few things.

Think the Chinese place is ok. At least I hope it is. Lookin’ forward to some Mongolian Grilled food soon.

That’s why when there is a Tornado Advisory… you listen. Or your Walmart could lose it’s roof.


Most anoying bug almost done

Password Manager forgets password when checking mail might be the most annoying bug in the entire world.

Thankfully David Bienvenu seems to have found a fix.

Hopefully 1.5 isn’t ready yet, so we can test this on 1.6, and perhaps get it in for 1.5? What do you say Asa? Any chance?