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Rock & Roll

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame is fun… but far. Butt is tired from sitting in Dodge Durango. Cool stuff, quiet city. Amazing. They call it a city. but nobody is there.

Saddam’s Sons Killed

Saddam’s Sons are no longer a threat to anyone [CNN] My only bad feelings are that the people of Iraq didn’t get a chance to kill them by clubbing them to death with the sole of their shoes. Two evil men, known for torturing people, and responsible for pain in many families, whom don’t know […]

Slow progress 4 (Daemon of the Abiss) is moving along slowly, but surely. Redoing pretty much the entire site. HTML and all. As well as new architecture and backend. So it’s massive and slow. Several pages are running in staging (without a design). Somre more complex pages including Mac PR, and News should be done this […]


SETI Stats seti at accettura Your credit: Name (and URL) Accettura Results Received 1473 Total CPU Time 2.125 years Average CPU Time per work unit 12 hr 38 min 05.1 sec Average results received per day 0.97 Last result returned: Wed Jul 16 16:03:45 2003 UTC Registered on: Fri May 14 20:34:00 1999 UTC   […]

Evangel(Mozilla) THE REBIRTH

I assume by the time everyone reads this, the news will have spread to everyone that Netscape is in essence no more, and Mozilla, is somewhat like an 18 year old recruit on the way to war. Barely any training in what lays ahead, a ton of fear, a fire in its heart, and a […]

Train Reck

Was in the train following this mess. Linkage: WNBC WABC NY Times USA Today NY1 NJ Transit PR. Lucky nobody was seriously injured. Shockingly, occasionally I am on that train. Just lucky today wasn’t the day.

Windows Crashes Macy*s

This photo is legit (from my father’s digital camera) on Monday, July 07, 2003, 8:29:46 AM. I know it’s real because I saw it with my own two eyes. Yep, that’s why I love my Mac. And that’s why my Thinkpad has 1GB of RAM.

Voting online to require Windows

/. is reporting that Windows is required to vote online during the next election. This just in, a hacker has one the election. CrashOverride69 is now our new president. Not suprisingly, I covered this days before.

Apple gets an A

MacNN today reported Apple gets good grades from PC Magazine . Horray. IBM got a good grade to for the Thinkpad.

Americas Army 1.9 coming soon

I can’t wait for this to arrive. The new version sounds sweet. As posted on the Americas Army website: Alright troops! Here’s the intelligence report you’ve been waiting for: info on the upcoming version. So gather ’round, take a knee, and listen up: here’s your SITREP. Bottom-line: this upcoming version has so many additional features […]