Grub, a Network Admin’s Greatest Nightmare

Yikes, just got a chance to try out Grub, a distributed web crawling project… aka cheap bandwidth… This thing is scary. If I were a Network Admin, I would be working on ways to block this right now. This thing is bad news.

Just gave it a try….

Sure hope it doesn’t catch on…

It uses a fair amount of bandwidth… If a lot of cable users started doing this, that would be some trouble. Not only does it use bandwidth, but a lot of DNS Queries….

This is a giant strain on ISP’s. I’m using nearly 15% of my LAN connection testing this right now, it’s making a good couple hundred DNS queries in a matter of minutes… that’s way more than a network admin would be setup to handle.

This thing could crush a school, or broadband ISP…. uses way to much resources, CPU isn’t the deal here, it’s bandwidth.

It downloads in approx 7MB Intervals, apparently 500 URL’s…

And my system can do those every 3 minutes or so

140 MB/hour
3360 MB/Day… 3.28 GB/Day
100800 MB/Month… 98.44 GB/Month
1209600 MB/Year… 1181.25 GB/Month

And that’s just bandwidth. Not to mention there is no option to disable site that contain pornography, perhaps checking the URL against a database, or searching for keywords… this can also mean bad news to companies, schools, and the individuals whose computers connect to this stuff.

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