SAproxy for OS X

Well, it’s going to happen. I decided that Mac OS X could use a good Spam Filter, and SpamAssassin is the way to go. I have it running on my system now. I hope to have it packaged for easy installation sometime soon. Perhaps shortly after finals end.

Perhaps after get a little Coca UI going so that we can configure that bad boy via System Prefs?

Will either most likely be distributed through Accettura Software. Of course it will be free, and bugs kept in SA’s bugzilla.

Of course this is all random thoughts, nothing is final… but at least there is a good chance Mac Users can appreciate the power of SpamAssassin.

Real Spam

Well, I have been spending some time (don’t laugh) reading spam. I’m actually analyzing spam for generating some new rules for the SpamAssassin Project. It’s seriously good software, check it out. This is some real spam about my favorite science, Penis Enlargement. It is slightly suggestive, so don’t read on unless you are ok with my immature sense of humor. I don’t need complaint emails. Don’t like, don’t read. It’s that simple.

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Saddam Falls

Saddam FallsBaghdad has fallen. Saddam may be dead. Damn this war is going fast. In a matter of weeks, we are already at the capitol. Granted the war is far from done, the Center of Gravity (Clausewitz) is already occupied by the US. You got to to love the picture to the right. Is that Flag desecration though?

Now this story about France really ticks me off. Stop being Cheap France!

And one other thing… Does Gen. Tommy Franks remind you at all of Hanibal? I keep thinking about how he could have taken off that mask.

And one last thing. Do Freedom Fries taste the same as French Fries?

Fan Site starting to look better?

Well, maybe it’s just me, but I think the site is starting to look a bit better…..

The other day I added the What’s Playing to the side of my blog… It will show what songs are currently/have been playing on my computer. Other additions include fixing some layout bugs from hacks of the other day, The blue background on top, the slogan, the daily quote, blog icons in a slashdot style.

It’s starting to feel a little more personal. Perhaps later today, or tomorrow I will get around to fixing my splash page to be xhtml 1.0 rather than html 4.01 transitional. Small thing, but it would be nicer. Also if I noted that being 18 isn’t really needed (it was just a joke), that might be nice. This isn’t a porn site (yet)… anyway…. I think it’s time to study some MicroEconomics… Because we all know how much I love the stuff. News and such

Well, is starting to come back to life again. After a week of server chaos. The backend is starting to look OK, less database errors due to mySQL timeouts, mail seems to be slightly more reliable (admin mail), and such. The NewsEngine 3.0 Project is nearing completion, after 2 days of work. Most of the news sources are found, and building properly, although crontab for some odd reason is acting up (again). Go figure. As soon as I can call and get that straitened out, we should be up and running with news in most categories. Then I need to fix the VersionTracker updates being out of sync.

After that, I will repair/update/remodel/someotherverb the Channel Pages, and move weather into a channel. And fix that annoying mail bug in weather. Perhaps a few layout fixes as well, while I’m digging through the code.

Then onward… to the next project(s).

Ever have that lazy feeling

Ugh… Just not in the mood to do much this week. It’s classes, the necessary classwork… and nothing else. It’s getting pathetic. Every afternoon I find myself watching reruns of “Home Improvement”, “Friends”, “Seinfeld”… all of which I have seen every episode. And I still watch.

Tonight on the other hand is new Southpark and Chapelle’s Show. Always fun. I guess again I will not be doing much. As I need to get some sleep after. That damn 8:00 class again. We all know how much I love getting up for that class. Oh well… a few more weeks, and summer vacation.